New millennium's flight
The New North Gyeongsan Provincial Office held Roof Tiling event

North Gyeongsang Province held a ‘New provincial office ridge beam and roof tile putting up event’ and about 700 people of major organization's heads, on-site construction personnel, and citizens helped out with the event including Kim Gwan Yong, North Gyeongsang Province provincial governor who participated in the event on the 5th of this month.

The ridge beam putting up event is when the beam is raised on the stage where the building framework is almost completed and the beams have been put up and then the final ridge beam is put up, which is an important ceremony announcing the fact that the framework of building is actually completed.

The event proceeded in the order of a pre-ceremony performance of the North Gyeongsang provincial gukak band, sangryanggoyuje (ridge beam putting up ceremony) in accordance with traditional rites, and the ridge beam putting up ceremony of the new provincial office and provincial council building and putting up roof tiles with the wishes of citizens carved into them.

Sangryanggoyuje is to wish safe completion of the new government office and success of new city construction business and the former Uisung Hyanggyo Jeongyo, Kim Chang Hoi who wrote Sangryangmun read it in person.

The main guests that took part in sangryang included North Gyeongsang Provincial Governor Kim Gwan Yong and North Gyeongsang Province council chairman Song Phil Gak and the ridge beam sealing Sangryangmun was raised, announcing a vigorous start of new provincial office era.

Then, the ‘wishes roof tiling event’ carved the names of about 13,000 inhabitants of the province volunteering on the do·city·gun homepages and internet portals last march on the back of the tiles that will be installed on the provincial office and provincial assembly roofs.

The event ended by putting up roof files containing the wishes of participants and three million inhabitants of the province wishing for the success of the era of the new provincial government office on the roof.

The new North Gyeongsang provincial office and assembly building is proceeding at the new city the provincial office moved to, Galjeonri, Pyungcheon-myeon, Andong-si with total business cost of 40.55 million won (federal government expenditure 15.14 million won, provincial expenditure 25.41 million won), 245,000 lot, 143,000 of gross area, 7 floors on the ground and 2 floors under ground, as a practical office building grafting tradition, culture and the intelligence of North Gyeongsang.

4 buildings of the provincial office, the provincial assembly office and welfare 1․2 will be built with a traditional giwa roof on the all buildings showing the identity of North Gyeongsang Province, which is expected to become a new model for Korean government office buildings.

Last October 2011, construction started and currently the provincial office building proceeded with roof construction and the provincial assembly office outside finished construction showing 50% progress.

Until the end of this year, the construction will be finished on the inside and outside and in the first half of the next year, the indoor interior and a trial run will be performed. Thus until the end of 2014, the goals of the provincial office building moving, and construction are both expected to go smoothly.

The new city building project for the moving of the provincial office building started clearing the lot in the stage 1 development section of 4.805 in September 2012 and proceeded with the main infrastructure such as plumbing and sewage for the purpose of building completion by December 2014.

Settlement condition building projects such as new city access roads, the moving of related organizations, homes, and schools, are also proceeding actively.

Kim Kwan-yong, North Gyeongsang Province governor said the “provincial office building move is a historical task opening far-sighted policy of North Gyeongsang Province having a significant meaning of restoring the spirits and minds of North Gyeongsang Province. It is a very important business to foster it as a base for regional balanced development and new growth of North Gyeongsang Province in the future. To proceed according to plan, all administrative capabilities will be concentrated on this”.

Also, the “Sangryang ceremony is a historical stage announcing the start of the new provincial office era. With this opportunity, let's gather all the energy of the 3 million inhabitants of North Gyeongsang Province and open move towards the new era of Woongdo North Gyeongsang” he added.